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CeHRes Roadmap

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The CeHRes Roadmap, depicted above, can be used to help plan, coordinate and execute the participatory development process of eHealth [1]. It entails a holistic research and development approach and consists of five main phases.

  • Contextual Inquiry: In this phase, the design team must get an understanding of prospective users and their context, and analyze the strong and weak points of the current provision of care.
  • Value Specification: Then, one must determine which values the different stakeholders deem important. These values and prospective users’ needs and wishes need to be translated into user requirements.
  • Design: Based on the requirements, (a prototypical version of) the technology can be developed. The roadmap advocates the application of cooperative design in which the design team creates the technology with prospective users and stakeholders together.
  • Operationalization: Now, the technology is launched, marketing plans are set into motion, and organizational working procedures are put into practice.
  • Summative Evaluation: Finally, the eHealth technology is evaluated: How is it being used and what is its effect on patients and healthcare?

Furthermore, the products created in each phase should be the subject of Formative Evaluation, aimed at gathering input for improving the product.

The CeHRes roadmap is created for developers (e.g., technicians, designers, healthcare professionals), researchers, policy-makers, and for educational purposes (e.g., students, healthcare providers).

By clicking on one of the phases, one is provided with a short introduction to the phase and the instruments one can apply during this phase. Each instrument, on its turn is also shortly introduced, its role in the CeHRes roadmap is discussed and pointers to practical literature are provided.


  1. Van Gemert-Pijnen JEWC, Nijland N, Ossebaard HC, et al. A holistic framework to improve the uptake and impact of eHealth technologies J Med Internet Res 2011;In press. DOI:10.2196/jmir.1672

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