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eHealthwiki provides information and a R&D toolkit to everyone who is interested in eHealth research and development. eHealthwiki can evolve with knowledge from multidisciplinary fields and multiple sources.

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About Center

The Center for eHealth Research and Disease Management of the University of Twente focuses on how technology can contribute to healthy lifestyle, better disease management and more (cost)-effective care. Our Center is characterized by a holistic view of eHealth technologies in which Human Centered Design is integrated with Business Modelling to develop usable, acceptable and useful technologies. The involvement of stakeholders (e.g. patients, care providers, financers, policy makers) is essential for the integration of eHealth technologies with regular care. Our group of PhD-students and scientists conduct multidisciplinary and applied research throughout the process of development and implementation to achieve a fit between technology, stakeholders and the social environment or care organisation.

Research questions central to our work are:

How can technology effectively and efficiently be implemented in health care? How can we make eHealth technology accessible, acceptable and attractive for its users?

Our goal is to translate questions arising from practice into research on the usefulness of eHealth technologies to strengthen the relationship between practice, research and policy. Our research provides new insights for developers of eHealth technologies to be able to better implement these technologies.

Members of the Center regularly give lectures and organize conferences on recent developments in eHealth. Collaborating with national and international (knowledge) institutes on the fields of care, research and education is vital to achieve our goals. Therefore, we kindly invite you to read about our research and activities and encourage you to contact us for opportunities to work together on new, challenging projects to further shape the field of eHealth.