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From Ehealthwiki

The term “eHealth” or “electronic health” refers to all kinds of information and communication technology used for supporting healthcare and promoting a sense of well-being. Within eHealth a broad spectrum of technologies is used. These technologies include: Internet technologies, such as informational websites, interactive health communication applications (ie, e-consultation, online communities, online health decision-support programs, tailored online health education programs), online healthcare portals, and electronic health records. It also includes mobile health communication programs, and other advanced technologies such as virtual reality programs (i.e. serious gaming to stimulate exercise or 3D-applications for the treatment of anxiety disorders), home automation (domotics); sensor technology for independent living and remote monitoring, and robotics; the deployment of robots for assisting people with domestic tasks, or to perform surgery.

eHealth development does not focus on the development or redesign of a specific technology; it should be used for all kinds of eHealth technologies with a scope broader than merely monitoring for medical purposes. In fact, our ultimate goal is to realize “5M-eHealth technologies” that can support: measurement (e-diagnose), monitoring (observation), mentoring (nudging), motivation (support), and management of data (automated integration of different data).